Store Carbon in Soil

The halfway point between traditional agriculture and a forest.

We design, implement and operate agroforests to farm carbon, support local economies, grow nutritious food and regenerate land. is a Dutch regenerative agroforestry company, with global experience. We support local economies via carbon-farming agroforests based on regenerative agriculture principles. We also connect nature-based carbon removers to CO2 emitters to compensate for emissions in a way that does more than just store carbon. It increases biodiversity, cleans and stores water, grows nutritious food and provides decent jobs.

Our model places mixed productive and biomass trees in strips through mixed crop fields. Trees store large quantities of atmospheric carbon, later on providing food and improved incomes. Crops maintain economic viability in the short term while the trees grow.

To achieve our Three Goals, we need to scale this solution. Therefore, we strive to minimise the physical work required for our agroforests as much as possible.



We use our short and sweet blogs to share the results of our field tests and milestones.