What is Scave?

Store Carbon in soil

We want to have a large and positive impact on this world!

Climate change: one of the most pressing issues in existence. For a balanced and healthy world, we must bring greenhouse gases back home to the soil, where they used to be before intensive agriculture degraded >75% of land worldwide.

The quickest way to do this is via mass regenerative agroforestry. Our methods make this scalable and economically viable first in Europe then in temperate and Mediterranean climates and then worldwide.


An all-encompassing network: farmers to engineers, investors to consumers, and think tanks to individuals. We’re aligned to implement the change.

Future Oriented

Aside from mitigating climate change, we focus on the win-win-win-win of nutritious food, increased biodiversity, fortified water cycle, and economic robustness.


We partner with the best in their relevant fields to make this form of agroforestry a reality worldwide.



Conventional agriculture has kept the world fed for a long time. Sadly, it came with a steep price: CO2, N2O, and CH4 emissions, water and air pollution, detrimental working conditions, and non-nutrient dense food.

Regenerative agriculture allows soil to capture CO2, nitrogen, and water. Productivity and profitability do not have to suffer. Working alongside farmers to transition is our way out.

Single-line drawing of male farmer


Create a better world by increasing the quality of life for all creatures.


Design, execute and scale multiple organisations around scalable regenerative agroforestry in a profitable way to fix carbon in the soil, produce nutritious food, heal the land and make saving the world feel obtainable.

Our Model

Our model calculates both costs and revenues for the transition to regenerative agroforestry, we’re currently testing and rolling out parts of it. After this first scale up we’ll be open to investors. The focus is on regeneration, with good returns for investors and better pay for our farmers.

Scave.world and its partners service the end-to-end vertically integrated chain of finance, farming, processing, marketing, sales, and sustainability. 

Let’s beat climate change together. Contact us if you are interested.


Some Kind Words

Working with Scave.world we’ve expanded our practical knowledge of Carbon storage and found a partner that helps us sell our Carbon certificates. This has allowed us to continue our mission of increasing the number of circular local farms in the Netherlands.

Coen van Beuningen
FNS (Fonds Natuurinclusieve Streekboerderijen)

Our partnership with Scave is of great mutual benefit. Together we work on the cutting edge of regenerative agriculture. Scave’s focus on our projects’ financial viability lets In Goede Aarde focus on the Soil Food Web.

Jonathan Loogman
Stichting In Goede Aarde