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Scenic landscape of regenerative farm on hazy weather

Store Carbon in Soil


We do right by humans
and the planet.

We design, execute and scale multiple organizations around scalable regenerative agroforestry in a profitable way to fix carbon in the soil, produce nutritious food, heal the land and make saving the world feel obtainable.

Human hand-picking a vegetable from the ground

What We Provide 


Carbon Removal Credits

At Scave, we believe in taking action to reverse the effects of climate change. We convert agricultural land into food producing carbon sinks through regenerative agroforestry practices. Regardless of whether you are a partner or customer, you can join us in the fight against climate change. Our carbon removal credits make it feasible and simple.


Personal Footprint Calculations

Our expertise in Quantitative Finance, Greenhouse Gas Calculations and Nature based Carbon Storage allows us to calculate your personal lifetime carbon footprint in a face to face meeting. We offer these services to create awareness of personal and systemic impacts in Carbon Emissions.


Farmer Collaborations

Effective carbon removal starts with efficient land management, and that's where our farmer collaborations come in. We work closely with local farmers to ensure each plot of land is managed in the most effective way possible for carbon storage.


Cost Modelling

Our expertise in Quantitative Finance, Entrepreneurship, Logistics, and Regenerative Agroforestry allows us to accurately model costs and revenue projections.

We also offer these services to others to support them in their sustainable business development.

Our Model

Create a better world by increasing the quality of life for all creatures.

At the forefront of innovative agroforestry solutions, we leverage the full potential of regenerative methods to address climate change.

Our unique approach blends cutting-edge agricultural techniques with sound economic insight. By strategically incorporating local grains and legumes within our thriving tree strips, particularly nut trees, we prioritise scalable and sustainable solutions for all.

Join us in making a tangible impact on the world through our unwavering commitment to regenerative agroforestry.

Latest Projects

Group of workers in project Maara, Brazil

Brazil: Projeto Maara


Our first experience putting theory into practice was at project Maara with Robert and Dace. Cutting 2,5 meter tall grass to allow trees to take root, we started the now thriving agro-forest.

Bart van Beuzekom in Scave Portugal

Future Projects

We plan to expand our projects to more regions in Portugal and the Netherlands in the near future, and to even more locations in Europe in the years to come.​​


Close up view of a produce

Cidadelhe, Portugal


In Cidadelhe, Portugal, we’re testing the Scave model on 188 hectares of semi-arid sand. Of an anticipated Land Equivalent Ratio (LER) of 1,67, 32% is large trees, 25% is small trees, 60% is rye and 30% is fava beans. 

View of a regenerative farm

Waddinxveen, The Netherlands


Our test plot in Waddinxveen is on peat clay. We expect 166% production compared to planting the crops separately in a monoculture. 

Series of trees on regenerative land

Sector Solutions

Our Focus Areas

At Scave, we believe that taking a hands-on approach to creating a more sustainable future is the way to go. We bring our expertise in designing, and operating scalable regenerative agro-forests in Europe & Americas. 

These agro-forests are not just about technology, they are about creating more life and bringing people together. We empower individuals and companies to align their activities with natural carbon removal, one project at a time.

Together, we can create a better future for generations to come by pushing mental boundaries on what is possible.


Regenerative Agro-Forests 

Scave believes that regeneration is the key to bringing more life into our daily activities. We are reversing the cycle and making agriculture a solution to climate change rather than a contributor.


Our strategy involves practicing regenerative agriculture by planting trees on agricultural land. Through scalable regenerative agroforestry and afforestation practices, we aim to create a more sustainable future.

Tree growing on regeneratrive farm with human farming in the background


Pasta Production

Your personal eating habits are a fact of life on Earth, but at Scave, we believe it is possible to make a positive difference. 

We can effectively clean up the environment by storing large amounts of carbon by collaborating with farmers who use regenerative agroforestry methods.

We give you the tools and resources you need to reduce your carbon footprint and help create a more sustainable future.

Foodmills regenerative pasta


Company Footprint

Your carbon footprint is a fact of life for corporations. Scave believes it is possible to actively remove carbon emissions rather than simply offset them. 

By collaborating with farmers who use regenerative agroforestry methods you create value for yourself by ensuring a sustainable future. Carbon removal is a means to more than just carbon footprint reduction.

We give you the tools and resources you need to align your business operations with natural carbon removal and contribute to a more sustainable future.

View of a typical corporate fffice

Agroforestry Netwerk Nederland

Agroforestry Network Netherlands focuses on practical examples, working groups, and a knowledge base to integrate trees and shrubs into agriculture. Together, they strive for productive farming, biodiversity restoration, and climate-resilient soils.


Boer in Natuur is a high-biodiversity regenerative agro-forest. Wilco and his 24 hectares of land highlight the importance of local,  circular,  regenerative agriculture.

Translating to Farmers in Nature, their mission is to work in harmony with nature by using sustainable farming methods that benefit both people and animals, based on the principle of minimal intervention.


ONCRA is an Open Natural Carbon Removal Accounting framework, a part of The Climate Cleanup, enabling removal and storage of carbon-dioxide with nature-based solutions.


This framework allows us to best implement sustainable practices and technologies for a regenerative economy. 

Groothuis Bouwgroep

Groothuis Bouwgroep is a construction firm that realizes real estate solutions for the present and the future, contributing to a sustainable living environment.

They have been actively working to reduce CO₂ emissions for years. However, the reality is that achieving complete CO₂ neutrality is not yet possible. At SCAVE, we are assisting them in taking the next steps through regenerative agroforestry and carbon credits.

Into The Great Wide Open Festival

Into the Great Wide Open is a multi-day music festival held in September on the Dutch Wadden Island of Vlieland. It is a four-day pop festival that focuses not only on music but also on visual arts, film, and nature.

FNS Network

The Nature-Inclusive Farm Fund (Het Fonds Natuurinclusieve Streekboerderijen) was founded in 2016 by agricultural economist Coen van Beuningen.


FNS aims to engage locals and farmers, utilize natural principles, minimize energy use and emissions, optimize labor, close business cycles, and communicate transparently.


Foodmills develops technology for a regenerative food system via distributed manufacturing. They seek to do this with micro-factories tailored to local harvests and that work directly with nature-positive farmers.

The first processing technology developed is in extrusion, for production of variations of pasta and snacks using multiple grains, botanicals, fruits and vegetables.

Foodmills Logo
Creativity Pools Logo

Creativity Pools

Creativity Pools is a non-profit organisation that connects young and innovative talent with organisations to help them tackle challenges and achieve growth. They  work in multidisciplinary teams guided by professional coaches.

Their goal is to support organisations in making smart choices and building a future in which your organisation can flourish.

Our Partners

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