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Store Carbon In Soil

Together we can build diverse ecosystem services feed us, protect us, replenish soil and clean up the air

SCAVE.World envisions a future where food production contributes to a cleaner, greener, and more life-filled world. We provide opportunities for real investment in a better future by changing the way agricultural land functions.

Our food production system not only grows more produce, but will also massively increases co-benefits, both per € spent and per m2. These include carbon storage, biodiversity support, and soil regeneration. SCAVE aims to make agriculture the solution to the climate problem. 

Landscape of Scave farm in Portugal
Leaves of cover crop regenerative agriculture


That's What We Value

Life is at the centre of everything we do.


We help life flourish by nurturing biodiversity in the crops and trees we grow. Although our focus on scalability places practical limits, we achieve successful establishment of a variety of habitats on our land.

With biodiverse crops and trees that store carbon, our form of carbon removal is second-to-none for mitigating climate change. Apart from increasing biodiversity and storing carbon in soil and biomass, we

produce nutritious food, filter and store water, purify the air, and provide decent jobs.

Close up of seeds


Regenerating soil health is our first critical approach to promoting life on our planet, as healthy soil supports the growth of diverse and nutritious crops. By prioritising regeneration, SCAVE can create a more resilient food system and environment, promoting life on both a micro and macro scale.



Collaboration is our second critical approach to promoting life on our planet, as it allows us to leverage our collective knowledge and resources to create positive change. By working together with farmers, investors, and communities, SCAVE can create a more diverse, efficient, and sustainable food system that supports life on our planet.



Empowering individuals and communities is our third critical approach to promoting life on our planet, as it leads to greater self-sufficiency and resilience. By creating decent jobs in the agriculture industry, SCAVE can help individuals and communities become more self-sufficient, leading to a better life for people living on degrading land.



Taking responsibility for our impact on the environment is our fourth critical approach to promoting life on our planet. By minimising any negative effects of our operations and prioritising sustainable practices, can help create a healthier, more sustainable environment that fosters a thriving global ecosystem.



Increasing diversity in crops and trees is our fifth critical approach to of promoting life on our planet. By growing a diverse range of crops and trees, can create habitats that support a wide range of species, promoting biodiversity and that enhances the well-being of Earth's inhabitants.



Scaling up sustainable farming practices is our sixth critical approach to promoting life on our planet. By making sustainable agriculture practices more widespread and efficient, can create a more sustainable food system that improves life on our planet at a larger scale.

Our Founder

Scave.World was started to make a meaningful contribution to mitigating climate change. 


Bart’s experiences in different fields heavily influenced the start of SCAVE. With BlackRock in London, he realised how large finance institutions drive natural resource extraction and depletion. However, he also realised that finance capital can be a tool to replenish and conserve nature. Later, he was able to better understand nature, working among true nature in South Africa for ORTEC and even more so as its Director for Latin America.


In Brazil, he was able to set up 2 regenerative agroforestry systems, and worked with Boer-in-Natuur to get hands-on agroforestry experience in a temperate climate. This is where we ran our tests of more mature agroforests. With a collection of like-minded individuals, he was able to start agroforests in the Netherlands and Portugal.


What’s next? convert as much arable land to regenerative agroforestry. Make farming the solution to climate change.

Bart van Beuzekom working on the farm

Founder / Director

Bart van Beuzekom

As a father, Bart realised that his children would not have the opportunity to see nature the way he was able to. Bart started SCAVE to make a meaningful contribution to mitigating climate change. His primary aim is to convert as much arable land to regenerative agroforestry, making agriculture the solution to climate change.

Business Development

Laura Payne

Laura is responsible for business development. Her responsibilities include finding and developing partnerships, as well as sales opportunities. Moreover, she creates communication and sales resources for the Scave ecosystem.

Plant Biologist

Ana Nunes

Ana has spent all her summers and the last 5 years of her life in Cidadelhe Portugal, fascinated by the landscape and biome here. She studied biology with her thesis focusing on re-wilding the Cidadelhe area. She is responsible for the Nursery and the strategy of the afforestation areas and planning of the operations on Arvoterra lands.

Field Coordinator / Farmer

Aureliano Mattias

Aureliano grew up in Cidadelhe and always worked on the farms in the region. Then he spent 8 years as a truck driver all over Europe, but with his parents aging came back to Cidadelhe to help them manage their farm. On the land he is unparalleled in his ability to implement what is necessary to make our efforts a success.

Operations & Market Development

Elton Lucas Wolf

Elton's role is diverse, doing what needs to be done. Currentlt he is focused on ingegrating the carbon credits calculator and performing geo-spatial analysis on potential land areas. He is further tasked with increasing the outreach in the Portuguese market and spearheading our social media growth.

Sustainable Business Analyst Intern

Ido Roth

Ido is a Bsc Honours candidate in Management of International Social Challenges at Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

Open Applications

Work with Us

Excited about the prospect of joining our dynamic team? Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career journey, we want to hear from you! Let's connect and explore how your skills and passion align with our mission.  Additionally, we offer engaging internship and traineeship opportunities for technical college and university research students. Your journey with us begins here—take the first step towards a rewarding career!

Meet The Team

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