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Investing in a sustainable future, together.

Regenerative agriculture and agro-forestry as tools for innovative and sustainable solutions to complicated challenges.

SCAVE helps individuals and companies invest in a greener future by transforming agricultural land into food-producing carbon sinks. We specialise in farmer collaborations, cost modelling, project design, and site evaluation, offering a comprehensive approach to regenerative agroforestry. 

Our main strategy to increase life is improving the diversity in crops and trees, which in doing so supports carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and soil regeneration. With our expertise and your support, we can create diverse ecosystem services that sustain us and the planet. Join us in investing in a sustainable future for ourselves and the planet.

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What We Do


Regenerative Agroforestry: Design, Execution & Operation

We are specialists in designing scalable regenerative agroforestry plans for specific plots of land. With a focus on temperate and Mediterranean regions, we use nut trees, grains, and legumes. Our base model ensures optimal carbon sequestration and sustainable land management for your project, helping to create a more diverse and sustainable food system.


Carbon Credits for Companies

We facilitate companies mitigating their carbon emissions. Transforming agricultural land into food-producing carbon sinks allows us to sell carbon removal credits to our partners and customers. We provide a sustainable solution to offset environmental impact and promote a greener future.


Carbon Credits for Individuals

We offer individuals the possibility to invest in a lifetime of sustainability by purchasing our nature-based carbon removal credits. Our program converts agricultural land into food-producing carbon sinks, effectively storing CO2 back into the soil for the long-term. With our natural carbon removal credits, individuals can mitigate their personal lifetime carbon footprint and make a lasting impact on the environment.


Cost Modeling

Our expertise in quantitative finance, entrepreneurship, logistics, and regenerative agroforestry allows us to accurately model costs and revenue projections. We offer these services to others to support them in their sustainable business development, helping to build a more resilient and sustainable economy.

Our Target Metrics

Our main goal is to help limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, as agreed in the Paris Accord. To achieve this, we aim to reduce global CO2 emissions by 25 Gigatons per year by 2030. The fastest and most scalable way to do this is by storing carbon in soil through regenerative agroforestry.

Based on our model, we estimate that we would need to convert 1.3 billion hectares or about 30% of all available agricultural land to regenerative agroforestry by 2030 to achieve our goal. This would require at least 26 million farmers to participate.  In storing all the necessary carbon, they would in turn end up improving food production.

By 2050, we will need to double the number of farmers participating in this effort. This will provide us with an invaluable resource: time. Give humanity the extra 30 years necessary to transition to a completely climate-positive economy.

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